Project Description

EXIsport – eshop for the largest chain of sports stores in Slovakia

Creating this e-shop was a challenge and a test for us at the same time. During 3/4 years, we were constantly developing new and new functionalities, connections to the cash registers, warehouses in individual stores, and loyalty systems. The online store works with internal systems and databases, where thousands of goods and price items are constantly updated. In our team, we designed more than 27 special tailored modules.
Hours spent
CRM tasks
Special modules

Map of EXIsport stores completely connected to the e-commerce system

Map of exisport stores with sportswear, trainers and accessories

Special and tailor-made functions in the form of modules

  • A special module for product pairing, cleaning and creation of XML data feed for Heureka and other product price comparators

  • Module – Other customers just bought

  • Checking the availability of goods in stores throughout Slovakia

  • Complete connection with the Linpos system for verification of customer loyalty cards

  • Rules for cross selling products based on reading data from IS EXIsport

  • GEIS carrier – completely processed API connection for sending orders

  • Division of orders in the system for selecting suitable warehouses, from where specific products need to be removed from the warehouse. Dividing is a very complicated functionality that must check the current state of goods in all warehouses, the use of loyalty or coupon discounts and the definition of the last warehouse from where the goods leave.

  • Pairing the values of individual product combinations

  • The News and Sale categories constantly monitor the flag on each product inherited from IS EXIsport

  • Pairing size variants and defining new ones, unified for the e-shop itself.

  • Import of product attributes and subsequent filtering

  • Caching pages for maximum performance and loading speed on available server hardware.

  • Ski packaging system

  • GeisPoint – the ability to define a collection point as another type of transport via API

  • 3D product image viewer

  • Asynchronous upload of images to products using drag & drop

  • Special emails to stores and warehouses after creating orders

  • SSL certificate of the website

  • Double validation of all fields in the shopping cart

  • Double validation of Geis data vs. EXIsport

  • Automatic redirects of old product urls

  • Automatic redirects of old category URLs

  • Blog for news, articles and news from the world of EXIsport

  • An interactive printable leaflet in an online form that is clickable

  • Navigation menu for the mobile version adapted for UX

  • Display of products in mobile phones and tablets adapted for all iOS, Android, Windows mobile platforms

  • Special sorting of products according to brands with the possibility of presenting the brand and its products

  • Possibility to log in and shop via Facebook login

  • Complete import of old customers, their loyalty cards and double verification

  • Recurring payment function for Tatrapay, Cardpay, Cetelem, or Viamo

  • Complete SEO On-page optimization according to current standards

  • Creating an order even if the connection to the bank terminal is lost

  • Badges on products such as: discount, sale + both numerical and percentage of current discounts

  • Lazy Load Images – a function that guarantees a smooth loading of pages, loading the pictures of individual products only when the item is really visible

  • Infinite scroll – a function with which you can load xy other products by clicking on btn “load more ..”

  • Automatic cleaning of product names that come from IS with various prefixes and tags for internal use

  • Rich Snippets for Google – constantly sending information about products, prices, combinations in the form of snippets

  • Versioning of CSS and JS styles for automatic notification of the user’s browser to load the current version in case there were some modifications on the page

  • Cookies confirmation message

  • Applied elastic search function for searching also words or phrases with grammatical errors, typos, or singular vs. plural forms

Intuitive search – autocomplete as it should be

Autocomplete and a tailor-made elastic search for Prestashop

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Fully responsive design for desktops, tablets and mobile phones

EXIsport eshop creation - connected with stores, warehouses, loyalty system and cards

Are you interested in an e-shop? Contact us!