– Italian paving and tiling

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The Liaitalia store in Nitra offers Italian paving and tiling. For this company, we created a presentation website offering products of various brands.

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Discover the benefits of a new presentation website for a store offering Italian paving and tiling. We created

  • catalogue of products

  • gallery of work

  • customer reviews

  • list of current discounts

We created a presentation website for the Liaitalia client who offers Italian paving and tiling. The product range is grouped by brands. A website visitor can click on the manufacturers’ website or choose the right one and leave a message using the contact form.

When making a decision, the visitor can decide based on  reviews that we have drawn from the Facebook page of the Liaitalia client. In addition, the customer is informed about ongoing discounts and sales, which our client can update himself as needed.

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