Who is Babymarket?

Store for Pregnant Women, Mothers, and Their Children.BabyMarket offers a wide range of strollers, stroller accessories, toys, and clothing. The store is based in Bratislava, but with our assistance, it also boasts an e-shop with various special features.

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What did we create for them?

We provided BabyMarket with a web service, essentially a “bridge” between the e-shop and the RRP system.

Screen shot of Web service Babymarket.

Page Design

The e-shop is responsive and intuitive, with categories listed in the top navigation bar. The homepage features carousels, each representing its own category. Each carousel contains customizable content. The site administrator selects the carousel’s name and its content.

Screen shot of Design of page Babymarket.

Before clicking on the option to sort products in a category by any parameter, the default sorting is set by popularity. This is one of the interesting features we implemented for the e-shop.

Screen shot of Sort products by a category Babymarket.

Products apply a color match. This means you can select a model from the range, and on the specific product page, you can choose the color combination.

At the bottom of the page, we have another carousel. This one offers possible accessories for strollers (holders, bags, etc.) and similar products. These are also selected by the e-shop administrator.

Automatic Redirection

If the e-shop undergoes modernization or rebranding, broken links may occur. One solution is automatic redirection. The system searches for the product ID from the old link and assigns it to the ID number on the current page.

The design is fully customized for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

Screenshots and Demonstration of Page Adaptation on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Babymarket.

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