Kto je Gastrofactory?

Gastrofactory focuses on the B2B segment, offering its customers Horeca products.We created an e-shop for them that includes all the features the client needs for their business.

Logo Gastrofactory
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What did we create for them?

Discover the Benefits of the New E-shop for Gastronomy. We Created

  • Product Sampler
  • Product Filter
  • Customer Validation
  • Individual Shipping Cost
  • Country-Based Restrictions
  • Pop-Up Module
Screenshot with New Features and Homepage of GastroFactory.

We created an e-shop for customers who operate in the gastronomy segment. To order products, each customer must register, and then they can choose from a wide range of products. However, before a purchase can be made, the customer’s registration must be approved by our client.

Products can be filtered by category, product type, color, and other attributes. On the specific product page, customers can add and remove packages, with the number of units displayed automatically. Customers also have the option to add products to a sample book, based on which they will receive the requested sample of the specific product.

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