Project Description – eshop for gastro business logo

Gastrofactory offers its customers Horeca products and focuses on the B2B segment. We have created an e-shop that includes all the functions that our client needed in their business.

Programming hours

Discover the benefits of the new e-shop for gastronomy. We created

  • product sampler

  • product filter

  • customer validation
  • individual price of transport
  • restrictions based on country
  • a module with pop up windows

We have created an e-shop for our client, for customers who do business in the gastro segment. To order products, each customer must be registered, then he can choose from a wide range of products. The client must approve the new customer registration before it is possible to make a purchase.

Products can be filtered by category, product type, color and other properties. On the page of a specific product, it is possible to add and remove packages, where you will automatically see the number of pieces of the product. Customers have the option to add products to the sample book and based on that they will recieve the required sample of a specific product.

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