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Lamps from A to Z

Whether you are reconstructing your house, moving or just want a better lighting, Globo Lighting is just for you. After being contacted, we have prepared a modern e-shop for them, from where you will definitely not leave with an empty basket.
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Main menu

In the home page of the e-shop, you can notice a pleasant menu, where you can immediately orientate yourself. Whether you want to go to discounts, news or sales, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.
Main menu Globo Lighting


Simple category photos that are easily editable in the administration so you don’t have to worry if you want to add or remove a category.

Categories Globo Lighting


If you want to attract new customers with products or articles, it won’t be a problem. A modern blog where you can contribute with interesting articles, whether about your e-shop, products or news.

Blog Globo Lighting

Products page

Your customers can easily browse the products you sell thanks to filters. You can choose the price from – to, the material of the products, the color of the material and many other filters to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Products page Globo Lighting

Specific product

Everything in one place. Whether parameters, color or material description, you can find everything on the page of a specific product. In addition, you can rate the product and also write your personal review.

Specific product Globo Lighting

Shopping cart

The shopping cart is designed to make the purchase as easy as possible. Just fill out the basic information and proceed to payment. On the right side you can see what is the total price and how much more you need to get free shipping.

Shopping cart Globo Lighting

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Responsive website for desktops, tablets and mobile phones

Responsive website for desktops, tablets and mobile phones

Do you like the website? Contact us!