Who is KD Garden?

KD Garden is the largest specialized online retailer in Slovakia with an assortment of pumping equipment, irrigation systems and garden accessories on the market. They have a long tradition behind them and a solid position on the market. You can use their professional experience at any time.

Logo KD Garden
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Special modules used

What did we create for them?


At the beginning, you will be greeted by a clear menu. In the upper right part of the website, you can register or log in if you are a regular customer. Below that, there is a wishlist (heart icon) and a shopping cart, thanks to which you can easily click through your favorite products. Below the opening image, there are three main categories through which you can quickly get to your desired products.


Categories are a part of the homepage. Each category also has other subcategories, which are divided by type, thanks to which the entire menu of the categories is clearly divided.

Screen shot of Categories KD Garden.

Projection of irrigation

Within the category there is also a category called Projection of irrigation. It is a module thanks to which KD Garden can design a customized irrigation system according to a clients requirements. A helping hand will be given by trained staff who are willing to help you with any problem or question.

Tool rental

The next category is the tool rental, where you have all the information about the given tool and the “rent a tool” button, which, when clicked, will take you to the documents needed to rent the given tool.

Wish list

Click on the heart icon in the upper right corner of each product to automatically add the product to your favorites, or to the so-called Wishlist. With a simple click, you can transfer all products from the wishlist to your shopping cart and order it directly.

Screen shot of Wish list KD Garden.

Discounted set generator

Thanks to the discounted set generator, you can choose any products according to your preferences and then buy them all together at a discount.

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