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The winter season is in full swing and it’s high time to pack your bags and go for a pleasant skiing trip. You don’t have skis? Don’t worry about it! will help you with that. After contacting our team, we prepared a high-quality and modern e-shop with many functions.

Programming hours phase 1
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Main menu + categories

Right at the beginning, you can see product categories and interactive icons where you can show everything you have to offer.

Main menu + categories

Top products

Having top products on your site is important. You can show your visitors what is new in your store.

Cheapest skis top products

A filter that speeds up your purchase

Potential customers can be discouraged either by a slow site or by not being able to find what they are looking for. That’s why we’ve created a filter that will make it easier for customers to find their desired skis.

Cheapest skis product filter

Specific product

All the necessary information about the product that your potential customer may be interested in. Whether dimensions, color or any other information, you will find everything in one place. Particular product - cheapest skis

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