V Potravinách sa Vyznáme

Who is V potravinách sa vyznáme?

V potravinách sa vyznáme is a web portal under the world-renowned company Billa. On their blog, you can find useful information, videos, articles, tips and tricks about nutrition, sustainability, ecology and other interesting topics.

Logo V potravinách sa vyznáme.

What did we create for them?

Main menu with Homepage

On their homepage you can find interesting articles from various areas of ecology and healthy nutrition. Useful articles are enriched by tips and tricks or videos on a healthy lifestyle. You can also notice an intuitive menu at the top of the pge.

Screen shot of Main menu with Homepage V potravinách sa vyznáme.


The categories are divided very clearly and elementary. After selecting a specific category, you will see a subpage with various articles on the given topic. Now you just need to choose and learn something useful.

Screen shot of Blog V potravinách sa vyznáme.


After clicking on a specific category, a page with great informational value and thematic graphics awaits you. On the right side of this page, you will see a selection of articles related to the topic you are interested in.

Screen shot of chosen one of category Categories V potravinách sa vyznáme.

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