Project Description

Website and CI for construction company

When creating the website for the client ATstav, we put great emphasis on a representative part of the services in which this construction company operates. The basic element is a large and well-made photographs of the most important references. This allows a new potential customer to get an overview of the work options very quickly. At every place of the page, the visitor can get to the contacts that are necessary in this industry, because each order and client is specific, which is necessary to take over the phone or more specific email communications. For ATstav, we also made car stickers, creation of the logo, corporate identity and presentation materials.
Programming hours
Graphic hours
Car stickers

Micro page in 12 hours

Creating a website can take 1-2 weeks. However, the client urgently needed to have a presentation page delivered within 24 hours due to the business meetings he had scheduled. He came to our office on Friday and on Saturday afternoon he already had a ready and live microweb to which he could refer people from a business meeting 2 days later (on Monday).

One page website in 12 hours

Car stickers of the construction company ATstav

The car stickers were delivered on weekends, as this client has fully occupied company cars during the working week and cannot afford to lose an hour. Even in such cases, we can satisfy our clients and adapt to their calendar.

Extremely fast design and printing of business cards and promotional materials

The client needed to deliver a graphic design for business cards and promotional materials during the weekend, to agree and at the same time to put 600 pcs of business cards and 100 pcs of promotional materials.

Design and creation of a Facebook fanpage

Designed graphics and creation of Facebook business profile. Complete training of the client in the use of fanpage, so that he can post his latest references and current information as progress on current works. Go to fanpage.

Facebook fanpage for company presentation, services, references

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Fully responsive design for desktops, tablets and mobile phones

Fully responsive design for mobile devices of ATstav website

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